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Component Washing Systems

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Washing with immersion Tech.
• The process tanks are machines used to wash metal pieces with irregular surface
• It can be used for chemical treatment and to degrease, pickle or decarbonate the pieces
• The pieces to be washed are introduced into the washing tank and are processed thanks to the double action of the washing solutions and of the movement of the water generated by the machine
• The process tank can be heated with an electrical or gas system and an aspiration and depuration system can be added
• The machine can also be equipped with a mobile platform to introduce the pieces, with a control and management PLC based system 
• With a filtering system to guarantee lower water consumption and minimize the environmental footprint
• Time and temperature controllable

Rotating Basket Washing Machines
• For the clearing of loose pieces such as rolling bearings, springs and axle boxes
• it is completely made of stainless steel to avoid chemical corrosion and to increase its operating life
• The pieces are loaded into a basket manually and then inserted into the washing cabin where the basket starts rotating under a fixed spray pole
• The washing cabin is positioned on two washing and rinsing tanks to ease the closed cycle recovery of the water
• Both the washing solution and the water to rinse are heated by electric heaters
The machine is installed at floor level so no civil work is required for its installation

Ultrasonic Parts Washer

 The ultrasonic washing system by Teknox 
has been designed for a heavy 
and continuous use due to its high quality materials and to the latest technology.
Ultrasonic washing is carried out by Weber Ultrasonics GmbH generators and transducers. Standard machines include an automatic mobile platform for high loading capacity in stainless steel, an additional tank for oil-trimming collection 
and circulating pump.


Ultrasonic transducers in the front and back side of the machine.
Generator embedded in the IP 55 switchboard.
Made in Germany generator and transducers, 2-year warranty.
Automatic motorized lifting and immersion platform
Circulating pump for oil-trimming filtering and removal
Colour 4’’ touchscreen display for settings and programs.
Top cover to reduce steams
Preset connections for the steam extraction
Blow valve for tank emptying
Minimum level control


Atom is a system ideal for the automatic washing of medium and large size mechanical parts. The washing is carried out by the action 
of upper, lower and side jets, and their rotation is ensured by a powerful steel pump. 
The board is electromechanical. 
Operators can set the tank liquid temperature as well as the length of the treament cycle.


 - Timed steam extraction
- Two-hand safety control for the door closing
- Fixed external loading/unloading station with drip-catcher in stainless steel AISI 304
- ISO pneumatic cylinders and “anti-fall” pneumatic safety valves
- Electric pump in cast iron with special Gaskets
- Filter in stainless steel AISI 304 on the pump suction
- Tank liquid minimum level control for the protection of pump and resistor
- Tank liquid maximum level control and solenoid valve for automatic water intake
- Laser-drilled and rotary upper, lower and side washing pipes in stainless steel AISI 304 (more accuracy, less maintenance)
- Electrical resistors in stainless steel Incoloy
- Safety limit switch on the door opening

- IP 65 electric system, electromechanical commands
- Stainless steel structure and plates in contact with the liquid
- Lower load-bearing structure in galvanized steel
- Triple door Gasket (lower, upper and side)
- Reinforced basket in pressed grating with raised external edge in galvanized iron
- Sludge discharging door for an easy tank cleaning

Cyclosonic Cleaning System
• It is a standalone or a series of Cleaning Baths
• Using Ultrasonic Medium (sound) to help clean a wash part thoroughly
• The ultrasonic helps create cavitation (microscopic bubbles) in the cleaning medium which helps “scrub” the surfaces of the washparts for hard to reach areas
• With stainless steel materials and are modular in design

• Developed by Cyclosystem which combines spray jet and immersion cleaning technologies
• Truly one of the most effective and economical cleaners in the industry. 
• The Cleaner is designed to be highly modular and comes in three basic sizes (Small, Medium & Large)
• It is typically fabricated with non-corrosive or stainless steel materials 
• The wash solution is automatically filtered and recycled

Belt Conveyor Washing Machines
• For the cleaning of small and medium-size loose pieces such as rolling bearings, springs etc.
• The machine is completely made of stainless steel to avoid chemical corrosion and to increase its operating life
• It consists of two booths –one for the washing and one for the rinsing- where fixed spray poles are installed
• The pieces to be washed are loaded on a belt conveyor which drives them through the booths at an adjustable speed according to the dirt on the pieces to be washed
• If specific treatment is requested (the application of an anti-rust, for example) specific booths can be added on the belt conveyor path
• Electrical heaters are provided to heat the washing solution. As an option, also the rinsing solution can be heated
• The machine is installed at floor level so no civil work is required for its installation

Rolling Bearing Washing Machines
• Washing of radial rolling bearings with or without internal track
• It consists of an input conveyor where the bearings are loaded. Then they are conveyed automatically into the washing and drying cabin which has a washing and a drying spray pole in its inside
• At the end of the washing cycle the bearings are ejected on the output conveyor, and conveyed to the manual inspection bench
• Then a dewatering manual platform dips the bearings into a dewatering oil bath to eliminate the water left and to guarantee a protective oil coating of the bearings now ready for storage
• The machine is positioned at floor level so no civil work is required for its installation
• The washing is a closed-cycle one with hot water at high pressure (36 bar): there is no need of detergents to obtain a very good result

Rotating Platform Washing Machines for Rotor & Stater
• designed to wash electrical motors, diesel engines heads and big dimension pieces
• The platform, initially outside the machine, is automatically introduced into the cabin after being loaded
• The washing is affected by the combination of the rotating platform and of the water sprayed by rotating and movable spray nozzles
• The closed loop washing and rinsing is obtained using cold and hot water heated by an electric or gas system
• An aspiration and depuration system of the fumes generated during the washing cycle can be fit in the machine
• To reduce water consumption and environmental impact, it is possible to filter the washing solution by a filtering system and the washing tank can be top-up using water from the rinsing tank
• To guarantee a constant supervision of consumption parameters, a control and management PLC based system can be added

CYCLOJET Traction Motor Cleaner
• It cleans and rinses the Traction Motors and other related parts, automatically and efficiently
• without deteriorating the insulation level of the motors’ electrical coils and winding

CYCLOJET Ultra-high Pressure Robotic Cleaner
• It utilizes a 6-Axis Robotic Arm with ultra-high pressure oscillating spray jets to clean the wash part(s) very effectively
• It does not require any heating or use of detergent to clean the parts
• Saving a lot of energy and operational costs
• The machine is intended for cleaning Bogie/Wheelset, Axle Box & other complicated wash parts

Linear Jet

Metal Parts Washer with Mobile Nozzles for Bulky very Narrow and Long Parts

Maximum temperature setting 80°


Timed vapor extraction
Increased loads and dimensions on request
ISO pneumatic cylinders and «anti-fall» pneumatic safety valves
Minimum level probe of liquid in the tank to protect the pump and resistance
Maximum level probe of liquid in the tank and automatic water filling solenoid valve
Box filter with 6 hat filters made of Aisi 304 Stainless Steel for pre-filtering the liquid returning to the tank.
Pump intake filter made of Aisi 304 Stainless Steel
Movement of jetting pipes over the entire washing area
Reinforced platform in pressed grid made of galvanised iron with raised external edge
Structure and sheet metalwork made of Aisi 304 Stainless Steel
Laser machined washing pipes made of Aisi 304 Stainless Steel