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Our group containing 2 factories, 3 trading companies in the Middle East and Europe and a service company established in 1974. 30 years ago when we started our production line in garage equipment field it became a success, and we are since then one of the innovative producers in garage equipment.

From 2012 we established BOLTECH Company in Italy to manage our export program around the world. We sell our products with BOLTECH brand and under Italian and European rules, requirements, and standards.

Now we have more than 12,000 square meters production area. Our factory is one of the largest garage equipment factories in the world and equipped with the latest versions of production facilities such as modern CNCs, milling, bending, cutting and lathing machines and also a complete electro-static painting line including chemical pools and spray booths.

Our factories are accompanied by a quality assurance system containing modern testing equipment.

All products have CE mark and all produced machines are tested under a strict procedure to ensure the highest quality and avoid any potential production errors.   

The production lines are also supervised by a professional and qualified crew to find useful solutions for customers and market demands all over the world.


Vision and mission:

In BOLTECH our vision is integrating set of elements of production, sales and services in a package to supply industrial machines to target markets all over the world.

To be pioneer of technology we provide 3 elements:

Organizational learning, Innovation and Continuous improvement.These 3 elements lead us to reach our goals;


This is our basic motto and we think this is the best way to reach customer satisfaction.

Financial targets are only a piece of our goals. Success in customer satisfaction, Enhancement in BOLTECH brand value, and to be pioneer of technology, are our ultimate goals


Our Principles:

·         Customer orientation

·         Honesty and integrity

·         Supply the highest quality products and services

·         Quick flexibility regarding to requirements and facilities of customer, company and the whole target markets

·         Systematic discipline and respecting to laws

·         Profitability but with regarding to organizational moral  goals and values

·         Notice to human resources of organization as the most valuable wealth of company

·         Meritocracy in human resources

·         Optimization and Productivity


All Garage Equipment such as: Wheel balancing machines, Tire changers, Vehicle lifts (2-Post, 4-post, and scissor lifts), A/C chargers, Parts washers, Injector equipment and all other garage equipment.



2013 international exhibitions:

Autoshow Erbil - Iraq 2013, Autopromotech Bologna – Italy 2013,  Automechanika Dubai 2013.

Our program for 2014:

Automechanika Dubai 2014, Autoshow Erbil - Iraq 2014 and Automechanika Frankfurt – Germany 2014 .

It is the 3rd time that we participate in Automechanika Dubai.

We are distributing in the Middle East countries like U.A.E, Iraq , European countries like Italy, Switzerl and, Spain, the Netherland, and Russia, CIS countries like Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and African countries like Egypt. We hope to find more distributors and partners all over the world.