Optical Wheelset Measurement

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Optical Wheelset Measurement

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Optical Train Wheelset Measurement

he measurement of surface profiles and surface contours gaining importance in terms of quality assurance, quality control and production control.
The purpose of the measurement is the dimensional final inspection of each finished wheelset or a pre-measurement of individual wheel sets. With the wheelset measuring instrument, which is installed in the production line stationary, those Data are recorded automatically, evaluated, visualized and stored for the individual maintenance stages. The data stored after plausibility checks in a data base, are prepared for the assumption into the superordinate wheel set data base.
Depending upon requirements of the measurement the accuracy is specified. All tolerances from high-speed, person and goods traffic can be realized by the assigned technology.
Also the measuring system is cost-effectively depending on the requirements and design for the measurement of railway wheels. The flexibility of the system results in a broad range of applications, which is confirmed by customer requests.

Measuring Concept
As measuring instrument a CNC controlled coordinate measuring machine is used, which is equipped with a tilt able laser measuring sensor.
The measuring machine positions the measuring sensor at the intended measuring point. By the calculation of position data with the measured values of the sensor the appropriate parameters for the wheel set are determined. The measuring sensor is an laser-optical sensor configured particularly for this case of application, which works according to the principle of the optical triangulation.
The concept is in such a way arranged that during disuse a scrolling wheel set without restriction can pass the plant. Therefor the actual wheel set uptake is implemented as upward an open u-shaped rack shifted under corridor. The measuring machine is parked in the stand-by position outside of the scrolling range.