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Above Floor Train Wheel Lathe/Horizontal

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Above Floor Train Wheel Lathe/Horizontal

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Above Floor Train Wheel Lathe

The wheel lathe type TUU1250 is designed for turning of new and used wheel profiles of rail vehicle wheelsets. On TUU1250 lathe the following jobs can be performed:

–  Reconditioning of wheel profile of used wheelsets,
–  Turning of wheel profile of new wheelsets,
–  Exposing of the ring, securing the wheelset wheel tyre,
–  Facing of inner and outer faces of wheel tyres,
–  Facing of active surface of brake discs installed in wheelsets by means of optional equipment.

The wheelset during the machining is positioned in centers and the torque, needed for cutting is transmitted frictionally onto the rollers driven by the hydraulic motors. Each wheel is driven by three rollers pressed against the wheel tread on the circumference of the wheel. To obtain a proper torque needed for machining the rollers are pressed to the tread by the hydraulic cylinders. Each driving roller together with hydraulic motor is mounted on separate lever, pressed by the hydraulic cylinder by means of a spring, compensating the sudden changes of wheel shape. 

In standard execution the machine is equipped with two saddles provided with vertical slides for turning of profile. Optionally the saddles can be equipped with additional slides for turning of brake discs, axle-mounted or wheel-mounted.
At the machine front the operator’s panel is located, enabling the complete monitoring of the machining process. Both loading and unloading of wheelsets from the machine is carried out from the floor level at the operator’s side. The machine operates in roll-in, roll-off system.

Standard Equipment

Foundation keys and bolts
Feed drive motors together with feed units of SIEMENS make
CNC system SIEMENS SINUMERIK 840D SL with touch panel
Swarf protecting guards
Cutting tools for final acceptance
One profile machining program
Centres 90°
Wheelset lifting jack
Electrical cabinet with apparatus
Hydraulic power pack with hydraulic apparatus
Oil cooler
Measuring heads
Operation & Maintenance Manual
Diagnostics of disturbances in machine work
Warning signal
Data base on machine
System of digital cameras for monitoring of cutting zone

Calibration wheelset

Software for remote service of the machine
Printer for printing of measured results
Two tailstocks with centring device