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(Train Brake testing systems (Irmie Impianti

(Train Brake testing systems (Irmie Impianti - Traction Motor Test Bench - Railway Depot Equipment -  - Boltech (Train Brake testing systems (Irmie Impianti

(Train Brake testing systems (Irmie Impianti

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Manufactured by Irmie Impianti

Brake Cylinders Test Bench

• With two types for brake cylinders with or without calipers
• Do the automatic testing of the force, leakage, stroke and it checks the brake pad adjuster, by meeting the testing standards of all major brake cylinder manufacturers
• The quality of the components being used, along with an automatic calibration procedure, allows achieving and ensuring over time high accuracy standards

Portable Brake Test Equipment
• To test the brake pneumatic system of the single coach, the entire train or the freight wagon
• Automatic testing and by a single operator
• Along with the equipment, a compressor to independently generate compressed air can be provided
• Allows the testing of the brake panel dismounted from the train

Solutions in Fixed Installations Containers – Outfitted Vans
• The use of special containers or outfitted vans
• Custom solutions of Brake Testing Equipment for outdoor installation in rail depots
• Guarantees an increased flexibility and autonomy in terms of intervention times and locations

 Test Benches for Solenoid Valves and Distributors
• Automatic testing of all main valves and distributors
• Testing of brake valves that use compressor air pressure and breaker valves
• Has the ability to measure pressure, flow rate, timing and performance testing

Distributor Test Benches

The bench allows to automatically test railway-type application pneumatic and electrical/pneumatic distributors for braking control

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