Train wheelset press

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Train wheelset press

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Universal Hydraulic Wheelset Press
• For pressing on and off wheelsets and other components such as bearings, brake discs, gears, etc.
• Positioning of the wheelset by means of overhead crane
• Pressing force of 150 tons and other tonnage on request
• With press cylinders on opposite sides
• With 2 adapter jaws for dismounting when little space is available
• Automatic recording of the course of the force, stroke and speed for each mounting/dismounting job with remote control

Wheelset Press 
• Centering cylinders for wheelset shafts and mounting sleeves for wheel and brake discs 
• Precise manual positioning with lifting appliances 
• For loading and unloading the press, wheelset carriages have replaced tedious and dangerous crane handling operations
• Precise assembly process to relevant standards and extensively documents the quality of the product