Ring Rolling Machine

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Ring Rolling Machine

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The operation of this machine is based on rolling of the wheel tyre by means of adequately selected force and the
same on clamping the ring and uniform rolling of the tyre along its all circumference
During the process of rolling, the driving roller rotates and at the same time is pressed against the rolled tyre by the hydraulic cylinder
The correct execution of rolling process of the ring depends on the value of the pressing force, rate of speed and rotary speed of the wheelset, as well as on the heating temperature of the tyre
The pressing force of the driving roller depends on the pressure of oil, supplying the cylinder; and is adjusted by the proportional valve with integrated electronic system, allowing for free setting of the force within the range determined by the user
The rolling process can be carried out gradually i.e. for subsequent rotations of the wheelset the pressing force of the roller is increased. The rolling speed is set infinitely variably by the operator by means of potentiometer from the operator’s panel. Because of the fact that the heating temperature of the wheelset tyre is an essential element of the rolling process, it is controlled continuously by means of in built optical pyrometer and its value is displayed on the screen of the touch panel during the process. Process parameters are set by means of touch panel of SIEMENS make with LCD display. The parameters during rolling are displayed currently on the screen. The operator’s communication with the machine is carried out in a dialogue mode. Such a solution allows for adaptation of the technological process and interface to the individual needs of the user, meeting the requirements of HMI philosophy ,Human Machine – Interface

Compact solution of the driving system minimizes the defects and considerably cuts the servicing time. Wide range of spacing adjustment of supporting and side rollers allows for their optimum setting, depending on the diameter 
of the wheel