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Shunting Robot

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Compact Model

Small, practical and extremely rugged

With its all-wheel drive this small power pack enables the Performance of economic and ecologically sounshunting operations. Despite its compact size, an optimal traction is guaranteed thanks to a high service weight – which translates to enough power for up to 750 tons pulling load.

Depending on the track conditions and the application area, the power supply is optionally provided through a rechargeable high-capacity battery (variably utilizable, emission-free, quiet) or through a particularly environmentally-friendly diesel-electric drive unit, that is flexibly utilizable in any outdoor area

Standard Model

2-axle – up to 2,400 t pulling load capacity – electric (cable or battery-powered) or diesel-electric drive system

Low operating and maintenance costs, highly automated processes, and a high system availability, make this solution ideal for all internal loading, handling and weighing operations.

The power supply is optionally implemented either through a cable drum, trailing cable, conductor line, high-performance battery or a diesel-electric drive unit. ATEX certified technical packages for shunting and loading processes in explosion-proof work environments, for example, the loading of highly explosive hazardous substances.

PRO Model

2, 4 or 6-axle – up to 8,000 t pulling load capacity – diesel-hydrostatic, diesel-hydrodynamic or diesel-electric drive system

extremely ruggedized solutions for particularly rough and tough environmental conditions which are predominant, for example, in bulk loading ports or mines. A maximum traction force of 300 kN for pulling loads of up to 8,000 t ensures that a vast variety of goods can be transported and loaded. An accurate positioning of wagons with shunting speeds of approx. 5 cm / s as well as travel speeds up to 40 km / h are possible.

The environment also benefits: new propulsion technologies reduce the fuel consumption as well as CO2 emissions.

An extensive range of equipment options is also available: Customized track width, suspension for a high level of travel comfort, pivoted bogies for an outstanding cornering performance, radio remote control, compressed air supply (brake air), sanding, anti-skid protection, shunting coupling, electronic controllers from well-known brand name manufacturers


The electric drive doesn't just offer an excellent efficiency, it also guarantees a constant torque. The performance is therefore immediately available even at low engine speeds, and provides a completely new shunting robot driving experience with an incredible torque from the very start. The high efficiency reduces the fuel consumption as well as the NOX and CO2 emissions. Additionally, a reduction of the emitted soot particles into the environment by 99 % can be achieved with the particle filter