Wheelset Movement Systems

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Wheelset Movement Systems

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Manual Train Wheelset Transport Carriage
• A low coat variant for single piece and small series production
• Easy to adjust horizontal and vertical support elements based on different wheelset shafts
• Loading takes place outside the the press space
• Tilt protection makes the carriage suitable for use as pre-assembly stand

Movis Wheelset Manipulator
• Suitable for large production quantities
• With a rail-guided lower carriage rotatable and liftable upper carriage
• With adjustable wheelset support arms 
• With three freely programmable motor-driven axes
• Able to pick up wheelsets fully automatically or manually
• Transporting the wheelsets from feed lines or a pre-assembly stand to the press

Heavy-duty Wheelset Carriage
• To transport heavy locomotive wheelsets, engine and gear safely during the loading, unloading and pressing process
• The wheelsets can be placed on the manual or motor-driven transport truck
• Transport truck is height and width-adjustable 
• The unit is driven by crane

Transport Technology for Wheel sets
• To transport and store wheelsets with and without assemblies and transmission
• Bypass of larger distances and secures the supply into the further production process at the desired time
• To prevent possible collision of the wheelsets with a malfunction