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Underfloor Wheel Lathe

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Underfloor Train Wheel Lathe

The underfloor wheel lathes types TUP650, TUP650H, TUP650SH are designed for reconditioning of wheel profiles of all ranges of rail vehicles. 
The machining process is carried out without the necessity of dismantling the wheelsets from the vehicle. TUP650 lathe is designed for light rail vehicles like tramways where axle load does not exceed 10000 daN whereas TUP650H lathe is for e.g. traction units of subways where axle load does not exceed 18000 daN and TUP650SH lathe is for railway applications where axle load does not exceed 30000 daN.

TUP lathes are also able to machine individual wheelsets and bogies dismantled from vehicles as well as  coupled wheelsets, active surfaces of brake discs and wheelsets of vehicles which do not have bogies. The TUP lathes are also available in Tandem.
It is worth mentioning that TUP650 is a unique machine, designed by KOLTECH only for the reconditioning of wheel profiles of light rail vehicles like tramways e.g. provided with: rubber inserts or having chassis, provided with specific design features, especially related to the construction of the motor and trailer bogies.

The above features of tramways cause that TUP650 lathe is subject to many adaptations, orientated to the final user’s satisfaction but due to its simple design, easy service and flexibility of functions, it perfectly fits our range of production.
The lathes types TUP650/H/SH, taking into account different de-signs of rail vehicles and their bogies, can be adapted for three kinds of centering:

–  in centers (in case of access to center holes of axle) and/or inner axle box supports – TUP650,
–  in outer and/ or inner axle box supports – TUP650H,
–  in outer axle box supports – TUP650SH.

–  Simple design of driving mechanisms and systems eliminate the need of the use of built up kinematic chains,
Application of measuring heads for:
» positioning of saddles in relation to wheels of the same axle,
» measurement of wheel tread diameter,
» measurement of height and width of flange,
» measurement of radial and axial run out,
» measurement of wheel back to back distance,
» wear measurement and optimization of cutting depth.

Standard Equipment

SIEMENS CNC SYSTEM SINUMERIK 840D SL and operator’s touch panel
Feed drive motors, infinitely variable with control units
Control cabinet with apparatus
Machining program for one wheel profile
Gauge and master gauge for above profile
Set of foundation keys and bolts
Saddles for turning of wheel profiles
Fixed and movable rails
Measuring heads
Anti slip system for driving rollers
Tools for final acceptance
Hydraulic power pack and hydraulic apparatus
Oil cooler
Swarf protecting guards and swarf chute
Covers, railings and balustrades
Holding down devices
(only for TUP650H, TUP650SH)
Software for remote service
Operation and Maintenance Manual

Diagnostics of disturbances in operation

Data base on machine
Warning and signalling system
Calibration wheelset
Data transmission system to host computer
Printer for printing of measured data